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Bathroom Fitters London

Bathroom Fitters LondonArtdom Construction Ltd is an established batroom fitting company for Central, West London and North London undertaking hundreds of bathroom projects each year. We have highly talented Polish bathroom fitters with many years of professional experience in tiling and bathroom fitting work. This ensures high standards of work and guarantees customer’s satisfaction.

If you are looking for talented London bathroom fitters to do your bathroom renovation, wet room, new shower fitted, stylish bathroom remodeling, look no further than Artdom Construction Ltd. We are offer 3D bathroom design and installation services.

1. To begin the project

Before meeting with us, it would be ideal if you prepare a bathroom layout plan, together with the list of units to be installed. The most important things to be consider are: measurement of the room, exact location of permanent elements in the bathroom, dimensions of windows, doors and location of drains, connections.


2. Vertical or Horizontal tile layout?

If you choose vertical layout of tiles your bathroom will look smaller. On contrary, horizontal layout allows you to maximize the optical effect of widening the bathroom. Vertical stripes heighten the interior, so they can be used in a low ceiling bathroom.


3. Maximizing the space in the bathroom.

Our designers highly recommend using large mirrors with simple frames or broad strips of parallel mirrors to obtain the magnification effect of the space. Avoiding too many decorative elements is also recommended plus choosing the bright colour of tiles. A darker colour may be used in the sink area, toilet or cabin. In a small bathroom do not use large or wide tiles because they optically reduce space. It is the best to furnish the room with transparent and translucent furniture and equipment (like sink or cabinet) because they seem to look smaller and lighter. Quite important is carefully design lighting. In principle, general lighting (top or sides) flattens the space and reduces optically. So, we recommend installing few points of light, which can be run separately. Good light should be also found by the sink.


4. Functionality of bathrooms

Drawing a plan for a bathroom, we have to allow for a free space around the sink, shower, bath and toilet. They have to be installed at the right distance from the walls. Thanks to that we get a comfortable place to move around.

Free Space in front of the units.

Distance from the wall.

The distance between the units.

5. What radiator to choose?

When choosing a suitable radiator, the area of the heated bathroom should be considered. It is recommended that for 1 square meter of standard height bathroom, 100 Watt of heat output is required. In the bathroom with a window or in a corner bathroom, you should use radiator with reserve of heat output. It is recommended to use thermostatic regulating valves.

A new bathroom can add about 10% to the value of your house.


Wet Room

Artdom Construction Ltd is probably the best Polish Builders company in London specializing in Wet Room installation with our personal 10 year guarantee.

The idea of Wet rooms comes from Scandinavia where instead of shower trays, waterproof membrane is installed underneath the floor and wall tiles. The key point in installation of wet room is making it completely water tight by our Polish Professional tiler. The sub-base has to be very stable and solid. We advise that the best rooms for this are either small bathrooms where is impossible to fit shower enclosure or large rooms which can be turn into luxurious spas.
It might be a stunning feature in the house if you just add shower jets, designer fittings, underfloor heating or create different floor levels.

Before embarking on such a big project, it is quite important to consider a number of factors:

1. Watertightening

It is vital to make the whole area watertight, especially where the walls meet the floor. A pinpoint of any wet room installation is finding the correct angle of ”fall” in the shower area. That stops the water splashing around. Our professionals use the right products for this job: Aqua-Dec, Aqua-Grade and Linear Flo- Dec floor formers made by Impey.


2. Drainage

The floor must be solid and must slope towards the waste outlet and in some cases might be raised by approximately 5 cm to accommodate the waste fittings. Again, we recommend to use the drainage system from Aqua-Dec which proven to be the most reliable.


3. Showers

The main feature of any wet room is a powerful shower jet. Our Polish Plumbers will take care of installing a good power pump and make sure that your waste can cope with the vast amount of water.


4. Quality Materials

We understand the importance of using the correct product to prolong the water tightness in your wet room.


5. Lighting

Our professionals will discuss the best lighting options beforehand.

6. Fittings

For a permanently wet area it is recommended to buy wall hung sanitary fittings and furniture.


7. Condensation

It is vital to install a quality extractor fan to improve ventilation and prevent dampness.


8. Underfloor heating

A tiled floor may be too cold to walk on but Devimat underfloor heating system makes all the difference.

It is worth to remember that a stunning wet room and a new bathroom can add about 10% to the value of your home


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