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Plumbing Emergencies – what to do?

My good general advice is:

If you suffer a burst pipe, a leaky cistern or flooding of any kind, the first thing to is turn off the electricity supply at the consumer unit immediately.

In such a situation, a knowledge of your plumbing system is vital. Make sure you know the location of all the valves, particularly the main stop valve which allows you to turn off the water supply in an emergency.


Check valves every month to ensure that they open and close easily. Remember, never leave a valve completely open . This will make it more likely to size up, preventing you from closing it when you really need to.

Always close it by a quarter to a half-turn!

Fixing a burst pipe

You can use any method of joining pipes to replace a damage section , but plastic push-fits joinst are probably the easiest  , especially for the plumbing novice. Plastic push fit joinsts on copper pipes destroy the continuity of a plumbing earth bonding. This must be restored.

Keeping a few basic repair materials in your tool box and knowing what to do in an emergency will prevent most situations from getting out of hand.

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