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London Builders & Building Contractors specialising in House Extensions

London Architects / Structural Engineers London

London ArchitectsOur qualified London interior designers and London architects work tirelessly to create your ideal home, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Their professional expertise and creativity maximize future enjoyment of your dreamed home and immensely increase its value.

A designer and architect both know how to use the whole potential of your property. They combine materials, light and space to create inspirational home tailored to your needs. Understanding sustainability in the home, they can recommend low-cost energy materials with the high performance thermal insulation to reduce your energy bills.


Planning application package

London ArchitectsWe offer a fixed fee for extension design and planning application packages. After approaching us to start the process we will instruct our ARB certified architects to start a planning application process. They will visit the site for initial consultation and all measurements. Than they can produce the CAD plans and develop drawings of the proposed alteration.

A typical planning application fee for a house extension is £ 150 and for a Lawful Development a further £ 75; payable to the local authority.
When the council receives your application it will be thoroughly checked to ensure it is complete and the letter of acknowledgment will be sent; meaning that your application is formally registered. Then it will publish, allowing local residents, especially your neighbours to comment on the application.

At the end of the consultation period a letter will inform you of the outcome. If it is successful, there may be some conditions like: material finishes required etc. It will also give a starting date of the whole work for the permission to be valid.
If the application is refused, you will be given a full explanation of the reasons, which will allow you to amend the application and re-apply.

We will help you in appeal process and undertake such an alterations free of charge.

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